Friday, June 17, 2011

Gross room survival guide for first year pathology residents (drawn from personal experiences and by no means exhaustive)

So you have matched into pathology. I would guess you are an inquisitive and analytical person with a low threshold for nonsense. You have a rewarding career ahead. However, the first year of residency training, and especially the first few months, can be extremely stressful and demanding. This is an attempt to share bits of knowledge that were either passed on to me by my more senior peers or learned the hard way. The kind of information that you can’t find in the books and that will hopefully make the process of settling in a little easier. The below narration is based on my personal experience in my training program. It for the most part reflects my personal views. By no means do I claim it to be universally true. Your own experience will invariably differ depending on the specifics of your program, your own personality traits and those of people you are going to be working with. Take everything with a pinch of salt.

I will continue adding posts to this series in future. This is a list of what is there so far.


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